Boys & girls of differing interests flourish in our school environment

Founded in 1951 by three sisters – Hazel, Sybil and Mazie White, Avondale Prep School is a kindergarten and prep school in Jamaica focusing on 3 ½+ to 12-year-olds (Kindergarten – Year 3 ½). Our independent school is registered with the Ministry of Education. Avondale is well-known within Kingston as an oasis of happy learning and personality building.

We strongly believe in our school’s Motto- ‘Education- The Key To Success’. Maxine Latouche, the principal of Avondale Prep School, believes love, care and compassion are prerequisites for a top quality education.

Our school is an inexpensive independent school in Jamaica, yet our dedicated and hardworking teachers impart quality education to each child. We do no promote huge class sizes; rather we encourage small class sizes for giving children enough individual attention. Our school has high morals with strong academic achievements. We have a safe and controlled environment in Avondale.

girls at private school
Boy showing his grades at Private prep school

The Ministry of Education’s curriculum guide is implemented along with Spanish, computing and music. Our co-curricular activities include swimming, dancing, football, netball and karate. We ensure our students are being prepared at all levels to access the relevant curriculum. We use our students’ reports from the previous classes to help determine their level of performance and the areas on which special emphasis should be placed. We focus on the performance of our pupils and cater to their individual needs so as to prepare them for adulthood.

We inspire students to try new things, be creative and work outside of their comfort zones. Our goal is to inspire each child to make the most of the talents they have. Your young one must grow in self-esteem, develop resilience and be equipped to face all the challenges in life. We at Avondale Prep School can add value to your child’s education and personal growth.

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